Downloading and using zips to an application:
  1. HAVE A FOLDER READY TO PUT THE SERVICE ZIP FILEs IN. If you have not then minimuze this page. Go to your hard drive, create and name it now.
  2. Click on the download link
  3. Select Save to disk in the dialog box
  4. find and open the folder for this.
  5. Click GO
  6. Exit this page. Go to and open that folder
  7. Click on the zip file and use your zip application. If you have it, use Extract to Folder
  8. Go into that folder select all or highlight all and Copy
  9. if you do not have Extract to Folder then just extract to the current folder. Delete or move the zip file elsewhere. Return, Select all or highlight all and Copy
  10. Exit that folder
  11. Locate and open the foler with the item you are working on
  12. If this is the first time you are here, then you probably just want to start the application. Find and open and file that has "bos" or "starthere", preceeded by one or two zeroes.
  13. Paste; if a "replace?" notice comes up, select "yes" or "yes to all". MAKE SURE IT DOES NOT INTERFERE WITH ANY CUSTOM MATERIAL YOU HAVE. This is best done by labelling custom material with a "c" in the filename when you create it, like datec.html.