After you have tried each mode of the unit out and decided which you prefer. Select that mode as your default and make a desktp shortcut, put it in your FireFox Bookmarks toolbar or in your favorites or all of the above. It does not matter which you choose since each mode accesses the other and this manual. you may also wish to make a backup copy on a removaable medium like a floppy disk.

Since this is a 1970's calculator, There are no onboard table lookup facilities with the exception of the Periodic table of the elements and that because there are calculations perfomred. Therefore, as in the old days. those things that we need, like constants and data are put in tables in the Appendices of this manual or you must have them in books or other form such as .pdf downloads.

NOTE: The Statistics key (Stats) opens to a page that leads to other pages. Some of those pages have downloadable items that you are permitted or advised to take. I was pleasantly shocked at what I found on some of them. Follow the Here Today, Gone Tomorrow Rule:Grab 'em up! One is an absolutely boss RPN calc,

NOTE: The charge time of the battery pack is 10 hours continuous use between recharges. The battery check will indicate a weak battery, usually after 8 hours continuous use, by blinking first once per second. If not attended to, the rate will increase to 3 times per sceond then to 7. After that, to conserve battery life, the pilot light will dim to half-brightness indication "standby" and the unit will not operate until either the unit is recharged or, after about 85 recharges, a new battery pack is inserted. If the adapter is not plugged in and the unit is left on, it will automatically power down to "standby" after 10 minutes if no activity is detecte by the Battery Miser motion sensor. After 15 minutes the unit will power off and the power swicth will need to be turned off to restart. If you are storing this unit for a week or more without use or adapter plug-in. remove the batter pack to prevent damage.

the ZENTREX 51/H is made from non-toxic, recycled bytes. It has no medical properties whatsover, however, it may contain steroids or HGH due to being an amped up version of an earlier medel. Shoud not be swalloed, inhaled or injected. ZENTREX nor any of its subsidiaries, partner or parent companies are not responsible for any losses due to negligence or misuse. Side effects have been known to include annoyance and potty mouth. Purchase price does not include taxes, title or any required contributions to any organizations. Overuse can lead to the perception of "missing time" and delusions of alien abduction. To lessen the severity of this, avoid using while listening to Coast to Coast as this has a high risk of inducing "loopiness" associated with Bell's Palsy (he said, artfully). If you have an erection lasting more than 4 hours then you have two alternatives. 1. contact a physician or 2. Enjoy it; how often does THAT happen? Besides which, it has nothing to do with the ZENTREX 51/H unless you are really weird.