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NOTE: At the end of each year. this site is cleaned out so that only the December updates and things are still here. that means the Archives are emptied and a new service record is started so you better save your old one. Also if you have not gotten the updates, fixes and upgrades, don't want to be bothered and are willing to re-install each unit, then just download the current versions of things. On the next upload, as soon as I fix some problems in my computer's screen display, the cualculators will have reached the end of their development cycle. This means they are complete and no updates or fixes are planned. But until then I'm throwing everything I can into them

When I started this business, I did not expect things to grow to this level. I thought it would be just creating a few things and distributing them to those who wanted them. Now, it seems that there is a certain amount of maintenance here: Things like fixing typo's and upgrades and replacements or the like. It's a pain in the4 asteroids for everybody if I have to zip and you have to reload and unzip whole new webtoys to accommodate a new function or a fix to something. I'm tired of it and you probably are, too. Therefore I've created a service department. for all of this. Here's how it works (Instructions); to send things from here to.

  • I've created a new website and put this page there, it is where you are now
  • I've made a new zip of the Space-O-Calc and the Power Console with a link to this department so that you can check from time to time. although I plan to announce such in the regular Bulletin Board
  • If you have not gotten any of the calculators and the Power Console, or don't want to be bothered and are willing to start from scratch with new units, DO SO HERE This service program uses them as the base models and they are up-to-date as is the service record which we discuss later. Also when a fix or updated is done, I do it at home and load a zip of the fixed/updated unit to the website and you can get that if you don't want to pick up just the fix and unzip it then replace the curretn unit with it.
  • The actual fix, update or upgrade will be on a separate page to function as both the link and an archive for new users to get previous fixes or updates. The link is at the bottom of this page.
  • If it's only a small fix/update of, say a page or two and an image, then you can simply click then File/Save page as..to the folder for each page and open the image link, right click on the iamge/Save image as to the folder and you're done
  • If it's a bit more complex then I'll make a zip file of the code, text and images on that page. You click the link and unzip it to the folder where the item is
  • If it requires a chnage in a part of the console or body of a calculator then it will be a zip file of the new material plus a replacement of the access page
  • Save the zip to toyworks
  • Unzip it
  • try it to see that it works
  • Discard the zip file
  • If it is a whole new item then move any custom parts you've made for yours to a safe place , to be re inserted later becuase you will be deleting and replacing it with the new item
  • copy/past the new parts to the folder that contains the serviced item, if a replace/overwrite box comes up say Yes or OK
  • Return and re-install any custom items that you moved
  • You always have the option of simply downloading a whole new unit to replace the one you have. I update the download so that new users can get the thing intact
  • You're done
  • Save the updated copy of the SERVICE RECORD to your hard drive , espcially if you decide to grab up the updated copy rather than just the new or replacement parts, so that you know how you stand. There's nothing worse than saying "Hmmm do I have that?"; just look at your record. All items are dated. what you get here will be the current one. Hereafter you'll take the copy from the fixes/updates page which is the page to save. Just File/Save page as... and if the replace? message comes up say yes or OK. It replaces the outdated one automatically When I get the Rocket Cockpit ready, it will go here.


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