The January 2009 downloads of the Space Patrol Space-O-Calc will mark the end of the Zetrex Porject that started with the S50b which no loger exists. This does not mean that these units will no longer be availible: they will be here since I'm terribly proud of them, only that they will no longer be updtated and upgraded. They've gone as far as they can go. I am, however, considering a new project: The SPaceChamp. It will look like the Zentrex-based units except that the right have will be cahgeable and the RPN mode will be strictly for the heavy math and science since it has the full trig setup. I also have the Terra V Rocket Cocpit to get up to speed.

The Zentrex project has reached a successful conclusion and will be ended on 1, jan 2009. This means that I wll make a final upload of the calculators without the "service" key. I do note expect to need to or even be able to develop them any further. It was a great run. I really didn't think It would go this far. And to think, this was all because I found the Windows calculator unreadable. If somebody(ies) else wants to develop them further. That's fine. Also you have several non-Zentrex units. Two Texas instruments, Gab's Calculator and the Coco Calculator which, had I known about, there would be no Zentrex Project. You know how to get in touch with me so we can keep the thing alive and going.

Now. two things:

  1. This does not mean that this calculator interest section is dead. I hope the interest stays alive and there may be another calculator project. Tucows has gotten in touch with the fellow who did the Coco Calculator, If he wants to do them as programs, that's fine. If someone wants to pick up the fantasy calculator ball and continue, that's fine. if I get another screwy idea; well, who knows? I enjoyed doing the Zentrex line.
  2. That does not apply to other things. There is plenty of room to develop the Space Patrol Power Console and I'm doing just that. That can accommodate years of work. Then there's the Terra V Rocket Cockpit. That's being revamped and that will probably be a 10MB plus start page for Internet Explorer. A space Patrol anything without the XR-C Rocket Cockpit or some derivative just wouldn't be right. Bayond that I have plenty of work to do. The Tech Manual is calling me. I have to finish building the Academy. I'm looking for a way to develop the Codes & Crptography and I'd like to do a DIY for the Space Patrol Periscope and the Monoview Helmet that look more realistic so I need to look up materials and processes. I've also got Mediazilla and some re-organizing of our library, KDET-TV and things of that type and I just want to make it more Space Patrol. When I get this thing mature enough, I'd like to submit it to the Sci-Fi Channel. That doesnt even begin to cover the "retro" stuff. This is becoming THE site for the 1950-63 culture that either gave us the good stuff we have now or laid the foundation for it. Folks are lucky today. The stuff from my grandfathers' time was beat up and there wasn't much of it to read about. For you guys, it can be like it just happened yesterday and there's plenty to explore, too. You can go on a retro tear that doesn't quit. I also have the Cockpit and other things to do so I'm not out of a job by a long shot.
And there's more for you to do, too. I'm not the only fish in the sea. This is only Terra City and the Space Patrol HQ. I'm sure that we could use some bases and so could the Space RANgers, Solar Guard and Video Rangers. I do have to inspect the Space Patrol stuff and pass it up to the Commission (Dr. Chaney and Jean-Noel are gonna kill me for this, I'm sure).

So keep those rockets smokin.