These items were not set up by me but work well and are worth having. You can compare them to the Space Patrol items. These need to be unzipped. Since I don't have the setup or installer programs move them to Program files after unzipping, then open the folders and look at the readme and other instruction files, then link the main .exe files to your desktop

GET A VIRTUAL MODEL MY BELOVED TI SR-50 includes pdf of manual.

Yes folks, a prgrammable calculator This virtual TI59, like the SR-50 above comes from DATAMATH A Texas Instruments calculator fansite.

A pretty good conversion calculator.

This is the evaluation version of the Coco Calculator. up until about 2006, the fully tricked out one could be had for a registration fee of US$8.00 and from what I've seen, well worth it. After you unzip it. go into the foler and open the gif that is with it, it will tell you how to customize it to a Space Patrol calculator. To see what the full-size unit had, go to Tools on the toolbar: It'll make you cry if you can't get it. Even as is, it's very good once you know your way around. If I had known about this, there would be no Space-O-Calc or Power Krunchies website. If you want to get the full-size on, the registration code is Coco Calculator 952288560

Gab's Calculator: This is a very unusual machine. You can select how much of it to show. You can adjust the size using "prop", the clipboard and other things. It draws graphs. However, you have to figure it out since I couldn't find a help section.

THE MOTHER OF ALL ONLINE CALCULATROS: This professional unit even does hexadecimal calculations. I understand that this can be downloaded but I don't know how

1970's POCKET CALCULATOR PROJECT: The evolution of the predesessor to the Space Patrol Calculator and Power Console. It has both an algebraic and RPN mode and gets you a more advanced version. which became the Space-O-Calc. A NOTE

Software house that features many calculators of different sorts