When you get Firefox, it comes pretty stripped down. Out of the box, your Tooltip won't work, You can't make desktop shortcuts and you can't get a full screen. That's by dwdign. It keeps FireFox a lean, mean lightspeed machine. It's biggest assets are the fact that you can add things to it that make it run to your wants and needs and the strong designed-in security. Also many of the applications that work in Internet Explorer don't work in FireFox (just as many FireFox-enabled applications don't work in IE). So we get Add-ons and plugins, just like jet fighters have "hardpoints" on the wings and body for attaching things. After you install the add-ons go to customize the toolbars and get the little icon and put them somewhere on the toolbar. You can even get a toolbar for things you bookmark the shows them in the form of little buttons. This is especilly good for external applications. Here's the starter kit: NOTE With the introduction of Fx 3.0.4. I have no qualms with using the newer versions of FireFox, In fact I'm all Fx 3.0.4 all the time.

  1. Start by gettingFIREFOX I held out with the 2 series for the longest time because of things like SSL failures and I didn't want to lose my RealPlayer download capability. Now the situations are remdied and I'm exceedingly confident with 3. If you have any older versions, when you put this one in, it will set you up to update your add-ons and clear out what won't work at all. Now FireFox is very secure but you can always use more; righrt? Your next move will be...
  2. SECURITY FireFox is already good and Fx3 is better but at a price. Here's the Space Patrol Security Suite, By and large these go beyond FireFox and become part of the system. I got the keylooger protection. Don't forget your popup blocker
  4. DESKCUT Enables you to makke desktop shortcuts
  5. FAST VIDEO DOWNLAD The crucial element that let me switch form Fx 2.0.19 to 3.0.4 Really easy to use, just push the button.
  6. FULL SCREEN Really full screenp; just like IE
  7. SCRAPBOOK: Enables you to save and manage a collection of web pages; like say with valuable applications on them
  8. GUTIL Put Google Utilities in FireFox then select the ones you want to use from a gimongous invetntory: I mean hunormously egantic.
  9. IE TAB Lets you run Internet Explorer and another browser of your choice, like Opera or K-Meleon in FireFox according to your Internet Options settings, This is a must since some of the Space Patrol activities don't work in FirFox
  10. FIREFOX SEARCH ADD-ONS: Juice it up!
  11. MEDIA WRAP Enables Meida players to your preferences. Even the dreaded QuickTime
  12. NAVIGATION SOUNDS Uses your system sounds selections
  14. SEARCHBAR AUTOSIZER adjusts the size of the search input box to the size of the imput material. Keeping it tiny when idle lets you put more goodies on the toolbars
  15. SMART BOOKMARKS BAR Lets you put up a toolbar that displays just the button and shows the name when you put your pointer on the button. Great for storing many bookmarks and applications that are auxiliary to this console or anything that you use.
Now that you've got the basics, there are many extensions that are not necessities; it's time to go HAVE SOME FUN! Don't forget, you can put buttons in both the upper and lower toolbars, however in fullscreen mode, only the lower toolbar shows, so put the buttons you use most in the lower one and stick the less-used ones in the upper one. Then come over to MozillaZine The E-zine and forum for FierFoxers of all kines.