As of 1 Januare 2009, The Space-O-Calc has reached the final stage of evolution. I can go no furhter, and I doubt that Baccaratti and Lady Diamond can, either. On that date, the final upload of the Space-O-Calc will occur with whatever changes I can make between now and then. The poor thing is full up to here with features and I have to get back to the Terra V Rocket Cockpit which has been sorely neglected. This is going to be a total upgrade and you will not believe it when you see it. It will be an Internet Exploer HOmepage like the Space Patrol Power console is your FireFox homepage with strong RPG and gaming facilities. The Space Patrol Power Console has plenty of room to grow. The visible change to the Space-O-calc will be the elimination of the Service key. The Service and Maintenance Department will be kept for the Power console and Rocket Cockpit. The Power console is also going to be a part of the Commander's Office. tHERE IS STILL THE co'S office, the tech manual and the Academy (Psych, Art and Histery Edpt's and Medical). so there is lots to do before the site is even "mature". (the big problem with the Psych Dept is that I've had so much psych that I don't know where to begin here. There are about 5 ways just of classifying that I could use)

All of the Space Patrol items will be getting their own desktop Icons. the way to use them is to

  1. Find an empty spot on your desktop
  2. rRight click then left click on New then Shortcut Locate end select the "Change Icon" Find and enter the folder containing the unit
  3. Locate and select the icon that matches the sortcut you have.
  4. Select OK then OK and you're done
If you want to change the homepage icon
  1. Locate the Icon and right click on it
  2. Select Propeties
  3. slect Change Icon
  4. OK, then OK and you're done
Now because I'm finished with the calculators doesn't mean that you have to be. It's just that I cna't think of anthing more to do with them as they are now.

As you know, the top of the line of the Swiss Army Kniie is the SwissChamp. Don't hold me to this but I have in mind someihing called the SPaceChamp (Space Patrol aceChamp) Imagine a Space-O-Calc where the right half changes according to the desired function set, a full-out Chemistry mode and the RPN mode as a math & Science section. It's called a "Pocket Console". Hows that for downright scary?