If you are one of the Space Patrol congnicenti then you know that Tonga was originally a criminal whose alias was Lady Diamond and was brought in by Buzz Corry and joined the Patrol. Sometime later, they did an episode featuring a "Diamond Lady".A light went on in my head (don't worry Algore, it was a compect flourescent; mercury vapor and all and if the friggin' thing breaks and I get sick, by the time Jim Suckaloff, ambulance chaser First Class, and I get through with you, there won't be enough meat left on the bones to feed a fledgeling buzzard).

I decided that Lady Diamond would be a good continuing character. To get an image I stuck "lady diamond" into google images and got the usual 34,000 choice. However, one jumped out at me. It was a nineteenth century painting of a middle aged woman wearing a spectacular diadem that looked enough like a tiara to have some fun with, centering around the self-absorbed little twit who fancies herself a "diva" and goes around saying "Kiss my tiara"

Next all I had to do was give her a name and a past, which I did, and got this:

Like Baccaratti, she comes to a bad end. at the end of the website, we tell her that her prized headpiece is not a tiara, but a diadem: Hehehehe...